Family Maintenance Enforcement Program - Enrolment

Anyone with a maintenance order or agreement filed in a BC court can enrol in the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) at no cost. Either the payor or recipient can enrol.

To enrol in FMEP the recipient or payor needs to have a copy of their maintenance order or agreement filed in a BC court, and then must mail in a completed enrolment application.

The application can be downloaded from the website or sent to the applicant by mail. Forms can also be picked up at a Provincial Court Registry, A Service BC Centre or an Employment and Assistance Offices.

More detailed information about obtaining a maintenance order and other details is on the website.

Please inquire to changes due to COVID 19 protocols.

Address / Contact Info

Enrolment Office, Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
Box 5100 Victoria, BCV8R 6N3

Phone Numbers

Phone: (250) 220-4040
Fax: (250) 220-4053

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This program was last updated on: 05 Oct 2020.