Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Northern and Interior Client Office

Responsible, under the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act, for monitoring and enforcing of all maintenance orders and agreements that are filed with it.

The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) will calculate, receive, record and forward payment to the person receiving maintenance and take action if and when necessary to try to ensure the person who is supposed to pay makes the required payments.

Anyone may choose to enrol in the free program provided they live in BC and have a valid support order from or a written agreement filed with, any court in Canada, the U.S. or other country with which BC has an agreement.

Once enrolled, information about payments, enforcement actions etc. can be accessed through the website or the Information Line: 1-800-668-3637.  Call the Client office with any difficulties or problems.

Note: The following rule will NOT apply as of September 2015: There is only one exception: The Ministry of Social Development is authorized by law to require maintenance recipients to 'assign' their maintenance rights to the government as a condition for receiving social assistance. 'Assignment' generally includes automatic enrolment in the FMEP.

A BC Ministry of Justice program

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Box 830Kamloops, BCV5C 5N1

Phone Numbers

Toll-free: 1-800-663-3933
Phone: (250) 434-6020
Fax: (250) 434-6033

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This program was last updated on 06 Mar 2017.