Income Assistance - Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment: (PPMB)

Available to individuals who have received income assistance for 12 of the last 15 months and meet the following criteria:

  • Have severe multiple barriers to employment
  • Have taken all reasonable steps to overcome their barriers
  • Have a medical condition (excluding addictions) that has lasted for at least one year, is likely to continue or reoccur frequently for at least 2 years and:
    • EITHER seriously impedes their ability to search for accept or continue employment
    • OR precludes their ability to search for, accept, or continue employment.

In order to receive the PPMB support rate and be eligible for the earnings exemption, all adults in a family unit must be persons with persistent multiple barriers.

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A Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation program.

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BC Employment and Income Assistance Services

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Toll-free: 1-866-866-0800

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This program was last updated on 06 Mar 2017.